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One of the things that make for wonderful shared memories of our travels is the "just plain quirky".

Sometimes it's the serious art that's quirky, sometimes the street art, sometimes the way people decorate their buildings, sometimes people's behaviour.

Sadly, what we find quirky will probably say much more about us than about the places and people we saw. But then again maybe that's part of the reason why you've been reading.


Keeping an eye on the street outside Tower 31. It's a building marked for development but in the meantime it is the site of a temporary (and changing) exhibition of street art in Paris. Phil tried to get inside twice. The first time he thought the queue was so long because it was Sunday. And Parisians are dedicated art followers!! But when he went during the week, the queue was even longer and after waiting an hour in the queue he reckoned about 20% of the people in front of him had got in. At that point he gave up and took what photos he could on the outside.


If you're into street art (and with a son who is, we've developed an interest) you will like some more of the pictures to be found here and here

Everywhere we went, we found weddings. I guess it's not that surprising if you're visiting iconic places in Europe that you'd find people getting married, but we were surprised at how often we found them!


You might even suggest that Phil is a little quirky himself. His photography quirks include:

  • gargoyles
  • knockers (door knockers that is)
  • catching people in windows
  • (and on this trip) Exit signs that have been added to.

So I thought, seeing I'm the one writing (and he can't get me back), this entry will have some examples of his little quirks obsessions. But all is well I'm not going to inflict the gargoyles and the knockers on you!

I must say, his signs find was delightful, so let's look there! We found out later it was the work of a French artist, but they were everywhere in Florence! and occasionally in Paris


And then there was his little voyeur activities, where he liked capturing people when they were at windows or on balconies. How's the shirtless bloke? The word "tosser" sprang to mind!


The other thing we noticed while we were in Paris, was that there seemed to be a protest somewhere in Paris every day. Now some of them seemed to be about racial issues, others humanitarian, but sometimes we weren't really sure! We got pretty bored with it so I think we only took one photo. This protest was accompanied by dozens and dozens of buses blocking the streets. Something was upsetting the people from Normandy, just not sure what!! Perhaps one of you can tell us! P1050010


Under the title of quirky art we'd like to share these.


There were the occasional quirky choices/behaviours we stumbled on.

P1050139.jpgShopping is such a Boar!

Shopping is such a Boar!

And there were a couple of great artistic improvements to buildings. I especially love the Trompe L'Oeil of the windows (that don't actually exist).


And finally, let's have a different look at what Parisians do on a Sunday. This is an organised skate-for-all. Roads are blocked off and out come the old-fashioned skates, the in-lines and all manner of other things and they were having a ball!!


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Firstly, thank goodness for digital cameras - can you imagine the rolls of film (in the old days) in order to take so many photos? Philip, I can see your local exhibition happening as I write!! Also thank goodness the 'tosser' WAS on a balcony with a perfectly placed balaustrade in front of him - dread to think what else he wasn't wearing - perhaps 'poser' should also be added to the description. Loved all your quirky photos - loved the Frog on the surfboard and loads of others too - you certainly have a good eye.
The protest you saw was part of people all over France staging a 'die in' protesting over the failure to clear asbestos from workplaces - it was outside the Sorbonne Uni.
Keep the blog coming - I want info right up until you stepped over your doorstep!!! Love to you both P xx

by Pauline Stopford

Oh Pauline, you are the most dedicated of readers a blogger could have! How lucky we are to have you following us!!
Ewwwwww I hadn't thought of what might be beneath the balustrade!!!! *tries to blot out THAT visual*
Ahh we had no idea about the protest. Except that I guessed it was something about risks to workers.
I fear we have only one more blog post to come. But I have kept the best till last. Our next entry will detail the highlight of our trip, a visit to Monet's garden at Giverny!
Thank you SOOOOO much for not just reading but also endlessly supporting! Soo glad we got to share a tiny bit of our trip with you. Love C xxx

by OwenGadflies

Interesting collection (of photos)! I was amazed during my trip to Paris too .. with street art...

by deeptisubraya

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